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Nothing says cool quite like the Sunglasses emoji; a smiling happy face sporting a pair of stylish shades. This face is similar to the nerd emoji, albeit with sunglasses instead of spectacles. The glasses themselves vary in shape depending on the platform - with some messaging services even adopting red glasses. 

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How to use smiling face with sunglasses emoji

The Sunglasses Emoji can be used to demonstrate several emotions. It can be used as a form of acceptance, highlighting that an idea is cool - or it can be used to highlight that a joke had devastating effectiveness. You can even use this emoji in beach related messages.

In terms of accepting a proposal or praising an idea, the emoji by itself is usually more than enough to get your point across. Your best friend has suggested ice cream to chase that delicious cheesy thing you just ate; a Sunglasses face is an adequate response.

As for using the Sunglasses emoji in a humorous scene, typically it’s most effective post joke. Let’s say your friend suggests ice cream but has questionable flavour choices (this is the kind of person that enjoys coffee flavoured sweets) - you could say: Getting one of those weird flavours again? 😎

History of the 😎 emoji

Added in Emoji 1.0, this face was rolled out with several other popular expressions like grinning face and CWL face.

Also known as
Mutual Best Friends (Snapchat)

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