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A winky face blowing a kiss with a heart leaving the mouth. Typically, the emoji is used to show affection, either in a romantic or platonic fashion. Unlike some other love themed emojis, the Blow a Kiss face tends to not vary much from platform to platform - with usually the colour of the heart being the only minor difference.

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How to use face blowing a kiss emoji

Want to show your partner some extra affection? Tacking this emoji on the end of a message is a quick way to show some romantic flair. Using this face by itself is also an effective tactic; this is one of those emojis that require no additional words to express meaning. The Kiss Blowing face can also be used to show platonic affection towards relatives or even your pets.

A popular technique with this emoji is to chain various love emojis together to amplify the passion of the message - or to show that you are uncontrollably affectionate.

History of the 😘 emoji

The emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and later added to Emoji Version 1.0 alongside emojis like CWL face and Grinning Face.

Also known as
Blow A Kiss
Blowing Kiss

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