Meet the team 👏🏻

Categorising every emoji in the world and bringing you the latest news is a tough task. So we had to find writers and editors who were absolutely 🥜 about emojis. And it's fair to say the people behind ❤ emojis. They use them in their social media, their emails and even on the occasional birthday card. Here are the girls and guys that spend their days sharing the joy of emoji:  

Aaron Braund: Self-confessed emoji addict, Aaron spends his day obsessing about the meanings behind emoji and reporting on the latest breaking emoji news. Recently discovered the GIF function in Whatsapp and is now spamming his friends with cat GIFs. Likes espresso and burgers.  

Favourite Emoji: 🙈 

Lauren Williams: A huge emoji geek and lover of all things meme, Lauren’s days consist of researching the deeper meanings behind emojis. Watched Ed Sheeran play at the O2 recently. Excited that they are adding a ginger hair emoji for Ed Sheeran related reasons. We think she might really like Ed Sheeran.  

Favourite Emoji: 😂 

Beth Walker: Writer and emoji researcher, Beth is constantly on the lookout for breaking news and ways to expand A passionate reader, it’s fair to say that Beth is somewhat of a Harry Potter nerd. To this day, she hasn’t confirmed how many times she has watched the films, but we suspect the number is pretty big…

Favourite Emoji: 💃

Tom Blackwell: A highly active contributor to, Tom’s relentless drive ensures that our emojis are constantly updated. He is also the Reddit addict among the staff writers and spends his free time surfing around various subreddits. Loves pizza so much that it’s his #1 most used emoji.

Favourite Emoji: 🍕

Julio Alvarez: The tech wizard behind; Julio ensures that the website is always working as it should. He also adds kick ass features, like our emoji page sliders. Avid Star Wars nut - he is a strong believer that Darth Maul should have had more screen time. We don't disagree.

Favourite Emoji: 👀