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A very unamused face, with a distinct unhappy mouth and eyes glancing to the side. Despite the mouth shape, the emoji doesn’t imply sadness - it does however denote annoyedness, grumpiness and displeasure. Primarily used to express dissatisfaction. This emoji shares the same sideward eyes as the Smirking Face.

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How to use unamused face emoji

This is a powerful expression that can have great impact, especially if used for complaints. Let’s say you bought something from a shop and the product has already broken down. You could let off some steam via social media and mention the company with some text, finishing off with the Unamused Face. For example: Great job (insert company name) my toaster just blew up 😒 In the above example, you may have the remains of a toaster to clean up, but you have also delivered a sharp message. In arguments, this emoji is particularly effective too. Let’s say one of your friends starts questioning your choice of restaurant for dinner, even though they got to pick the last time. You could show your annoyance rather effectively with the face alone, potentially causing the restaurant hater to back down.

History of the 😒 emoji

The Unamused Face was added as part of Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 - this was an iconic update for emojis which included the Beaming Face, Winking Face and the Smirking Face.

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