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Droplets of sweat splashing in a single direction, often depicted as three separate droplets. Used primarily to indicate strenuous physical activity or to indicate water splashing. Recently has also been used in sequencing to suggest sexual activity when combined with certain other emojis. Platform variations are mostly uniform minus a couple of exceptions that opt for two sweat droplets as opposed to three. Formally recognised by Unicode as the Splashing Sweat Symbol.

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How to use sweat droplets emoji

Want to suggest a day out to the beach or a trip to the local swimming pool? Using the Sweat Droplet Emoji is perfectly acceptable for such an occasion if sequenced with other emojis that indicate a water activity such as the Man Swimming Emoji or the Fish. Perhaps you want to suggest a sport event or a workout session at the gym. Once again, using the symbol with other activity related emojis can indicate that you want to work hard or inspire others to work hard. The Sweat emoji can also be used to demonstrate a tight deadline. If you see the emoji alongside the famous Eggplant symbol or a Tongue emoji then chances are someone is being very sexually suggestive.

History of the 💦 emoji

The Sweat Droplets Emoji was originally approved in Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. The update also introduced Person Shrugging and Tears of Joy face.

Also known as
Splashing Water
Water Drops

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