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A face with totally closed eyes sticking a tongue out. Commonly used to indicate cheekiness. This emoji is also known as the Tongue Out face. Similar to the Grinning Squinting Face.

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How to use squinting face with tongue emoji

Thanks to the cheeky nature of this face, it’s perfect for following up on a joke. In particular, jokes targeted at a person. Let’s say one of your friends despises brussel sprouts, you could make a joke about their distaste and then follow up with the Tongue Out face to show you are just being cheeky. For example: Want some extra brussels? 😝 In group chats, this emoji is a good way to react to something funny but not overly so, where you would most likely use the CWL Face. Or it could be used to react to something you didn’t actually find funny but you don’t want to ignore the recipient. Let’s say your friend posts a story in the chat that they find absolutely hilarious. It’s not that funny to you - so you could react with the Tongue Out face to feign amusement.

History of the 😝 emoji

This emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0. The Unicode 6.0 update also included massively popular faces like Beaming Face, Face Blowing a Kiss and Smirking Face.

Also known as
Tongue Out

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