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A tired looking face with a snot bubble coming out of the nose. This face is clearly inspired by Japanese anime and manga, which often depicts sleeping characters in a similar fashion. Often confused with Sleeping Face, this face doesn’t indicate actual sleep.

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How to use sleepy face emoji

After a long day or a tiring experience, this face can be used to show a recipient that you just want to curl into bed. While there is no official etiquette on the usage of this emoji, it may be polite and give more clarification if you accompany the face with some text. Example: you have just finished a busy shift and you are dead set on getting an early night. One of your friends suggests going out for a few drinks, you could respond: Not tonight, absolutely bushed 😪

History of the 😪 emoji

Sleepy Face was added in Emoji 1.0 after being approved in Unicode 6.0. This version of Unicode included favourites like Beaming Face, Tears of Joy and Blowing a Kiss Face.

Also known as
Snot Bubble

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