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A slight smiling face with an expression of contentment. The face is happy, but not overly so - indicating a positive relief. Can also be used to demonstrate calm in a situation. Also known as the Content Face or the Pleased Face.

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How to use relieved face emoji

The emoji can be used in numerous scenarios, but it’s common function is to express relief after a stressful activity. For a use case, let’s say you have a really pressing deadline at work; it’s a huge project and could mean a much needed promotion at the end. After the project has been delivered and you are seeing positive results, this is the kind of face you would almost certainly use. In addition, the Relieved Face can be used in situations of conflict; for example, two of your friends are having a dispute and it’s turning rather ugly. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching the conflict unfold, you could step in and be the voice of reason. In this case, you could interject and message: Come on guys let’s take a breather 😌 With it’s calming nature and instantly likeable expression, this emoji is a versatile tool in your messaging toolbox.

History of the 😌 emoji

The emoji was approved in Unicode 6.0 and later added to Emoji 1.0; this version of Unicode also included Beaming Face and several popular Grinning Faces.

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