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A pair of raised hands, seemingly celebrating a special or joyous event. Also commonly referred to as Arms in the Air, Hallelujah or Banzai. Most platform variations retain similarity with one another, minus the exception of HTC, who opt for a tiny person with raised hands.

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How to use raising hands emoji

Perfect for a birthday, party or just to show you’re excited about something - the Raised Hands emoji are one of the many multi purpose tools in the ever expanding messaging tool box. An example of how to use this emoji would be if you received back favourable exam results that would allow you to get into the school you wanted to go. You could message your friends or family something like: Guys I passed the test! 🙌 Due to the open palm expression of the Raising Hands emoji and the tiny particles above the hands - some people like to use this symbol as a pair of double high fives. In this case, the symbol is good for reacting to messages with a positive tone. For example, let’s say it is your friend that tells you they got perfect marks on the test; simply reacting with 🙌 can either show you are high fiving them or raising your hands in celebration for their success.

History of the 🙌 emoji

Approved in Unicode 6.0 in 2010, Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration (the official Unicode name) was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also known as
Arms In The Air
Festivus Miracle
Praise Hands
Two Hands

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