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An angry red face with a look of serious displeasure, commonly depicted with a scowling look and furrowed brow. Despite the emojis name, the expression appears more angry and is often used in angry contexts. Commonly known as the Angry Face or the Grumpy Face.

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How to use pouting face emoji

Someone switched your alarm off yesterday and you get out of bed in a rush only to slip on yesterday's tabloid - this scenario may make you a bit mad; so express yourself with the Pouting Face! Despite the emojis innocent sounding name, this face is good in all sorts of situations where a bit of anger is required. Let’s take the above example - turns out it was actually your roommates paper. Sending him a message with the face and a colourful range of expletives may get your point across that you are less than happy. In messaging scenarios, the face alone is usually enough to show your anger - and is a great tool for showing friends that you are mad about the situation. For example; you have been meaning to go to a swanky new restaurant for months - but it turns out that there was a booking error and then restaurant calls to cancel. What is sure to ensue is a length messaging session with your friend with multiple Pouting Faces.

History of the 😡 emoji

Pouting Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and later added to Emoji Version 1.0.

Also known as
Angry Face
Grumpy Face
Mad Face
Red Face

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