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A cooked drumstick from a chicken, turkey or other form of poultry. Officially known as the Poultry Leg emoji, but is also referred to as the chicken drumstick, fried chicken or turkey leg. The browning of the skin suggests that the leg as been fried rather than baked.

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How to use poultry leg emoji

Have a craving for some KFC? Perhaps you are looking forward to indulging in some home made fried chicken? What ever your poultry needs, you can get a leg up with this rather tasty looking emoji. Can also be used to suggest Christmas and Thanksgiving when chained together with other items popular to these periods (like the Christmas Tree emoji for example)

History of the 🍗 emoji

The Chicken Leg emoji is just one of many meat emojis available; you can also find Meat on Bone or Cut of Meat. There’s also a Chicken emoji which is very much alive and not cooked at all.

Also known as
Chicken Drumstick
Turkey Leg

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