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A slice of a pizza, typically covered in pepperonis and cheese. The official Unicode name is Slice of Pizza. Platform variants like to experiment with the traditional recipe and add other toppings as well. Emojidex adds little slices of bacon while Whatsapp will throw on some olives. The Pizza Emoji is one of the most popular food emojis.

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How to use pizza emoji

If you want pizza, if you know someone who wants pizza or you just love pizza in general, then this is the emoji for you. Can also be used to express hunger and doesn’t necessarily have to indicate pizza (although that is never a bad lunch time suggestion). An example usage would be something along the lines of: When we going to eat? 🍕.The Pizza emoji also has great potential for sequenced messages, especially when trying to suggest flavours of pizza. A pineapple chained together with some bacon and the slice of pizza could indicate a ham and pineapple pizza for example.

History of the 🍕 emoji

Slice of Pizza was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 alongside the aforementioned food items.

Also known as
Pepperoni Pizza

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