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A pile of poop with a happy smiling face and a ice cream like form. Despite the delicious looking shape, we definitely would not recommend eating this. Also known as dog dirt or the smiling poop. Previous versions of the Poop emoji actually depict the symbol as a literal pile of poo with stench indicators and flies buzzing around.

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How to use pile of poo emoji

The most glaring use for the symbol is that it can be used to suggest a toilet break, especially when paired with the Toilet emoji. Chaining with the dog or other animals can also suggest that the animal is pooping. Due to the cute smiling mouth, this emoji can be used in scenarios which call for some cheekiness. Friendly messages where banter is encouraged for example, can benefit greatly from the Pile of Poop emoji. Let’s say one of your friends posts a pic - if you wanted to be particularly antagonising and want to suggest it’s crap, then you could just message the emoji by itself. Hey, you might have an angry and confused friend on your hand - but it’s sure to raise a few chuckles.The emoji can also be used in more serious situations where you find a suggestion to be on the terrible side. But thanks to the cuteness of the expression and the light hearted expression, this can usually be a more gentle let down rather than saying something is sh*t directly. Can also be used to suggest chocolate ice cream - but you would probs be best of sequencing the Ice Cream Emoji with a chocolate bar.

History of the 💩 emoji

Approved as part of Unicode 6.0 - the Pile of Poo was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also known as
Dog Dirt
Smiling Poop

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