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A very sad face, seemingly deep in reflective thought. Also known as the Sorrowful face due to the extreme sadness implied. Not to be confused with Disappointed face, which lacks eye brows and has different shaped eyes. Shares the same expressionless mouth as Neutral face.

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How to use pensive face emoji

This is the kind of face you would pull if you were reflecting on something sad - the kind of face you would use to question past decisions or reflect on negative memories. It is well suited for group conversations, particularly when embarrassing stories of your past adventures start to surface. Let’s say one of your best mates starts recalling that embarrassing time where you tripped in front of a load of people. Using the face alone is enough to show you sad reflection of this event - and your friends might even lay off the ribbing.

History of the 😔 emoji

Pensive Face was approved in Unicode 6.0 and was later added to Emoji 1.0 - this was an iconic release for emojis which included many popular faces like Smiling Face and Kissing Face.

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