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A musical note displayed as two eighth-notes - which are referred to as quavers in British English. Not to be confused with Multiple Musical Notes, which again features the eight-note but in a group of three singular notes.

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How to use musical note emoji

Ideal for music related messages or reacting to musical themes, this emoji has a vast array of sequencing potential especially when combined with other instruments. A common usage of this emoji is to comment on a brand new track or album released by an artist. A brief search of Twitter upon the release of a brand new single will often reveal messages along the lines of: loving this new track🎵 Another use for the emoji involves using one of the shocked faces or whistling like faces and combining with the Musical Note Emoji. This creates an innocent looking “it wasn’t me” kind of statement, as if the face is whistling a tune.

History of the 🎵 emoji

The Musical Note was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 alongside other music themed items such as Microphone, Headphones and Saxophone.

Also known as
Beamed Pair Of Eighth Notes
Beamed Pair Of Quavers
Music Note

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