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A grimacing face exposing a set of full teeth that are tightly shut together. The various messaging platforms have different ideas on how the emoji should be represented with some going for an unhappier face and others adding sensational bulging eyeballs.

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How to use grimacing face emoji

Ever had one of those moments where you have wrote a nasty message to a friend but then decided maybe you should write something nicer? Well this is the kind of face you would pull if you accidentally press the send button on that message. It’s also the kind of face you would pull if you are watching a compilation of human fails - only one of the fails looks particularly painful. The emoji is virtually the expression β€œeeeek” - so in messages that inspire this reaction, the Grimacing face is a worthy substitute. Let’s say that your friend messages you detailing a particularly embarrassing accident with a pineapple and a kitchen knife. The perfect response here would be to just use the Grimacing Face alongside some comforting text. For example: 😬 You okay?!

History of the 😬 emoji

Debuting in Unicode 6.1 in 2012, the Grimacing Face was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also known as
Foot In Mouth
Snapchat Mutual #1Β Best Friend

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