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A pair of hands closed together as if in prayer. In Japan, this gesture signifies thank you or please. In other cultures and religions, the closing of hands like this is a spiritual gesture. Other ways to interpret the Praying Hands emoji is not to think of them as praying or folded at all - rather think of them as two hands high fiving. Some platform variations of this emoji do present the hands as if they are high fiving.

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How to use folded hands emoji

The most obvious use for the Folded Hands emoji is to use them to hope for something or to show someone that you are hoping for something. For instance; one of your friends has applied for a job and is really anxious after an intense interview. It could be a comforting and caring gesture to show that you are thinking and “praying” for them by using the Praying hands emoji. If you prefer to use the hands to signify a high five, then you can use the emoji to signify teamwork or to show that you are in agreement with a group activity. Paintball tactics aren’t usually planned by messenger, but in this example, a group of battle hardened paintball warriors are devising a strategy. It is finalised and the team are pumped for the upcoming, paint soaked battle. In this instance, a phrase like: “Go Team 🙏” may inspire even more morale.

History of the 🙏 emoji

Folded Hands was approved as part of the Unicode 6.0 update and finally added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also known as
High Five
Praying Hands
Thank You

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