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A face with wide open eyes, raised eyebrows and a wide shocked mouth. The face (or a portion of it) is typically depicted as blue to make the fearful expression more profound. This emoji seems to be shocked or scared. Also known as the Scared Face.

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How to use fearful face emoji

One of the most expressive emojis out there, this face perfectly sums up that cold feeling when faced with a terrifying situation. This is the kind of face you would use when encountering your greatest fears. Words are not usually needed with the face, as it is already so expressive. Can also be used as a mock gesture in certain instances implying that something is gross or garish. Let’s say your friend sends you a picture of the most hideous lime green sweater you have ever seen (trust us, it’s hideous). For banter purposes and if you don’t mind having a slightly annoyed friend to deal with, you could just send the face by itself, implying that the sweater is disgusting.

History of the 😨 emoji

The Fearful Face was introduced in Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This was the very same update that brought us Face Screaming in Fear, Anxious Face with Sweat and Dizzy Face.

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