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A slightly smiling face with saliva drooling from the mouth. The expression of the Drooling Face indicates a dreamlike or euphoric state. Commonly used to indicate hunger or desire for something. Doesnt necessarily have to be used for food, can be used for people or objects. The presentation of this face varies greatly by platform; some will depict the face as slightly smiling while others will utilise a much more serious, shocked expression.

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How to use drooling face emoji

Looking forward to spending time with that special someone? Perhaps you have seen something online you really want to buy? This face is perfect in either situation to indicate your craving. Typically, the face is used by itself - as the emoji is already so descriptive words are rarely needed. One area where the emoji really excels is with food; this face is a sure fire way to let someone know that your mouth is watering in anticipation. Lets take an example; one of your friends makes a delicious pizza and sends it to you. Reacting with the face alone will demonstrate that you think it looks delicious.

History of the 中 emoji

Drooling Face was approved in Unicode Version 9.0 and was later added to Emoji 3.0. This update saw a number of popular emojis added including Person Shrugging, Rolling on the Floor Laughing and the Clown Face.

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