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A dizzy face with confused eyes and a wide gaping mouth. There are two primary versions of this face used; one with dizzy spiral eyes and the other with crossed eyes. Depending on the platform, this face can be known as the Cross Eyes Face or the Spiral Eyes Face. The Cross Eyed version of the face almost mimics cartoon deaths scenes, but with no connotations of death attached.

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How to use dizzy face emoji

Your friend just told you something so surprising that your head is actually spinning as a result; this is the kind of emotion this emoji faithfully tries to recreate. Therefore, it’s perfect for reacting to pieces of news that leave you extremely confused or surprised. You can also use this face if you are asked to give your thoughts on something and you need a confusing emoji to sum it up. For example, your BFF asks you what you thought of that new sci fi film at the cinema - which you thought was the cinematic equivalent of sticking your head in a black hole. You simply respond with the Dizzy Face alone, instantly letting them know that it was a generally confusing ride.

History of the 😵 emoji

Dizzy Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and later added to Emoji 1.0 several years later.

Also known as
Cross Eyes Face
Spiral Eyes Face

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