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A gust of air representing an object or person moving very fast. Similar to the clouds left by comic book or cartoon characters who leave a scene quickly. Can also be used to indicate smoke, gas, vapour or even the wind.

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How to use dashing away emoji

If you’re watching a race between runners or cars, then the Dash Symbol Emoji can be a useful tool to represent the speed of which the person or vehicle are moving. Let’s say there’s a 100 metre sprint and you wish to comment on one of the runners - you could use the emoji like: Wow that runner needs to catch up🏃💨 The Dash Emoji can also be used to indicate that something is moving fast metaphorically, for example a sale at a popular clothes shop. Let’s say you see a sale going on, but it’s only going to be there for a limited time. Sure, you could hog all those bargains for yourself - or you could let your friends know. A good example to use: Guys sale get here quick 👗💨 Due to the symbols gassy looking nature, there is significant potential to use the Dash Emoji as a makeshift fart emoji. When sequenced with other items, it can appear as if they are farting, which can create some humorous situations. You can even use it to suggest someone’s idea is smelly, although you may have to prepare yourself for angry friends.

History of the 💨 emoji

The Dash Emoji was approved in Unicode 6.0 and was added to Emoji 1.0 five years later. The symbol joined several other nature related emojis like the Dizzy Emoji and Sweat Droplets.

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