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Hands clapping; multiple hands can be chained together to indicate applause. Commonly known as Clapping, Applause or Golf Clap. The official Unicode name for the emoji is Clapping Hands Sign. The Clapping Hands Emoji supports skin tone modifiers.

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How to use clapping hands emoji

While the most common usage of this emoji is to indicate applause - it can also be used to show agreement or show that an idea is good. Let’s say within your friend group, you are debating where to hang out at lunch. The discussion is a bit flat until someone mentions an amazing idea - the kind of idea that warrants the Clapping Emoji. In terms of agreement, once a destination has been chosen, you could use the emoji alone to signify that it’s settled. Read a book or watched a movie and you thought it was a straight 100%? Ignore the 100 emoji and instead give it a clap! Using the clap sign next to something you have enjoyed and rate highly can suggest to others that the respective media was good. For example: Guys you should totally watch this new movie 👏

History of the 👏 emoji

Approved in Unicode 6.0, the Clapping Hands Emoji was added to Emoji version 1.0 in 2015. This update added many of the most popular hand gesture emojis like Okay Hand, Raised Fist and the Prayer Hands emoji.

Also known as
Golf Clap
Round Of Applause

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