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A scenic sandy beach with a red and white umbrella sticking out; a sliver of blue sea can be seen as if crashing onto the beach. Sometimes referred to as the Beach Emoji and a popular Travel themed emoji.

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How to use beach with umbrella emoji

The most common usage of the Beach with Umbrella is to indicate a vacation. How exotic the holiday is can often be influenced by including other emojis. For example, if you wanted to suggest you were in the Caribbean, then you could use the Beach with Umbrella Emoji - but you could also pair with a Tropical Drink or a Parrot to enhance the overall exoticness. This emoji can also be used to suggest a beach break or just a trip to the seaside. Just using the symbol alone is enough to indicate your desire for some soft sand and boiling sun. An example of which could be something like: guys the weather is lovely 🏖️ The third and final use of the emoji is to indicate that there is good weather like sunshine, as an umbrella in a sandy beach is commonly associated with summer. Of course, this can be further enhanced with similar summer themed emojis like ice creams or even the sun itself. In response to a question like what’s the weather like for example, you could just text back: 🏖️

History of the 🏖 emoji

Beach with Umbrella was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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