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A shocked face with a wide open mouth and wide open eyes. The face seems to be gasping in shock or surprise. Not to be confused with Face with Open Mouth, which does share the same surprised expression - but doesn’t share the same intensity. Also known as the Gasping Face or Shocked Face. This is one of the examples of an emoji that greatly differs per platform - some platforms depicting the eyes as two crosses as if dead. Previous iterations of the emoji even portrayed that the face was drunk.

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How to use astonished face emoji

If your friend shares a shocking piece of news or if you see something that is particularly surprising, then this emoji is usually a good choice. Let’s say your friend has an enormous secret about someone, a secret so shocking that it physically causes you to open your mouth in surprise - this is very likely an appropriate place to use the face. Usually, the face by itself is enough to show the surprised reaction - but in other cases you could highlight the shock with some additional text like OMG. In the case of something surprising but funny, you could used the Astonished Face followed by something a little more jovial.

History of the 😲 emoji

Approved in Unicode 6.0, the Astonished Face emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 - an update which saw many of the most used and popular emojis added including CWL Face and Grinning Face.

Also known as
DrunkΒ Face
Gasping Face
Shocked Face

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