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A face with a blue forehead and a concerned expression; sweat drips down the side of the cheeks. The official Unicode name is Face with Open Mouth and Cold Sweat. Commonly known as the Concerned Face or Nervous Face.

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How to use anxious face with sweat emoji

This face can be used to show worry or anxiety in a particularly difficult scenarios. An example of which would be waiting for test results - or finding out how much a car repair costs. It is typically wise to use this emoji to highlight your anxiousness; using the face by itself may lead to confusion. The face can also be used to show that you are feeling anxious for someone or reciprocate their worry. Let’s say your friend has taken the same test as you and is tearing themselves up about the answers they gave. They are sharing their worries over messenger and you could just respond to them with the face - or make them feel even better with some ambiguous text to show they are not the only one - for example: 😰don’t think my answers were great either!

History of the 😰 emoji

Anxious Face with Sweat was added to Unicode 6.0 and later added to Emoji 1.0 five years later alongside many landmark emojis, like Crying with Laughter face.

Also known as
Blue Face
Concerned Face
Nervous Face

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