Twitter Emojis Now the Default on Android: Fragmentation blamed

Twitter will now show all Android users their own set of Twemojis due to fragmentation between new and old Android versions.
Android Twitter users will now see Twitter emojis by default instead of Android specific ones due to fragmentation.

Android Twitter users will now be able to see all emojis as the social network has dropped the native Android emojis in favour of Twemojis.

As reported by Emojipedia, many Android twitter users were no longer able to see emojis within the app due to having older operating systems. 

Only six percent of Android devices use the latest version of the operating system Android Oreo, with a massive 37% collectively still using older versions of the operating system, which beats the 31% install base of 2016’s Nougat.

10% still use Android Kitkat, a version of the software that is now over 4 years old. Other notable versions include Android Lollipop (22% of total users) and Marshmallow (26%).

Twitter Emojis On Android: What’s changed?

If you login to the Twitter app today and are on Android 4.4, you will now notice a minor shift in emoji designs - and you will possibly notice a load of new emojis. Further support is on the way for other versions of Android, meaning Twitter will be a very different place for emojis.

Fragmentation is a major problem on Android, with numerous versions of the software released over the years and many different devices. One of the key issues being that phone makers can take a while to update their own Android skins to the latest version.

The change is surely going to be welcomed by Android users the world over; but not all Twemoji changes have been met so positively. Recently, gun lobbyists have attacked Twitter based on their gun emoji change, which saw the pistol replaced with a harmless toy water gun.
Tom Blackwell 12 Jul 2018

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