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A huge emoji geek and lover of all things meme, Lauren’s days consist of researching the deeper meanings behind emojis. Watched Ed Sheeran play at the O2 recently. Excited that they are adding a ginger hair emoji for Ed Sheeran related reasons. We think she might really like Ed Sheeran. Favourite Emoji: 😂

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Mini Me Gboard now gives you customised Mini emojis based on your selfie

Using your selfie, Gboard now creates customised emoji Minis based on your look.

Game Breaking Bug PS4 Crash Message Emoji is breaking Sony's console

A new message being circulated on PS4 systems is allegedly bricking user's gaming systems.

Race for the Áras Twitter introduces Irish Presidential election emoji ahead of vote

The Irish Presidential election is only weeks away - and Twitter has introduced a new emoji during the run-up.

Emoji News Play-Doh release poop emoji inspired play set

A new poop emoji themed Play-Doh set lets children make 50+ poo combinations. But the set has received criticism on social media.

Emoji News Nigerian Independence Day Emoji: Twitter celebrates 58 years of Nigerian independence

Twitter have launched a special emoji to mark 58 years of Nigerian independence.

Emoji News Measuring with emoji: Researchers develop emoji scale in new study

Researchers at Kansas State University have developed a new emoji scale to accurately measure how children feel about certain products.

Emoji Drama Android salad emoji updated: Now vegan friendly

Google have updated their salad design on Android devices to be more vegan friendly, removing the hard boiled egg and being in line with other platforms.

AR Emoji Disney characters Daisy and Goofy brought to life in new AR emoji update

Samsung and Disney have announced two new AR emojis; Daisy Duck and Goofy are now available for S9 and S9+ users.

Emojis News Camouflage Helmet Emoji proposed to Unicode

The Unicode Consortium are considering a new camouflage helmet emoji thanks to a new proposal.

Emojis News Lighthouse emoji proposed for future emoji release

A new proposal submitted to the Unicode Consortium would add a sequence for a lighthouse emoji.

Emojis News Magic Wand Emoji Proposed to Unicode Consortium

A magic wand emoji has been proposed to the Unicode Consortium and could be added to a future version of Emoji.

Emojis News Apple unveils new Emoji 11 characters for World Emoji Day

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple has given the world its first glimpse of 70 new emoji to be released in the near future.

Emojis News Emoji marketing statistics revealed in new report

The developers of a mobile marketing platform have shared new insights into how emojis are being used in marketing.

Emojis News Microsoft reveals new Windows 10 emoji

Microsoft has revealed a set of new emojis based on Emoji 11.0 and have made updates to controversial symbols.

Emojis News Teen soccer player receives death threats for using wrong flag emoji

An under 16 soccer player has received death threats for using the wrong flag emoji in an Instagram post.

New Emoji? Grave emoji proposed for future emoji release

A new proposal suggests a grave emoji could be added for a new emoji release.

Emojis News Emojis are now easy to insert with Google Chrome update

Google has updated its Chrome PC web browser with a new emoji keyboard.

Emojis News Period Emoji aims to end the taboo around menstruation

A UK based children's charity is campaigning for a period emoji to end the stigma surrounding periods.

Emojis News Nestlé Waters emoji water bottles are getting a revamp

Nestlé Waters are adding new emoji characters to their range of children friendly emoji water bottles.

New Emoji? Butter emoji proposed for new emoji release

The food emoji category looks set to expand with a brand new butter emoji proposed to the Unicode Consortium.