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Self confessed emoji addict, Aaron spends his day obsessing about the meanings behind emoji and reporting on the latest breaking emoji news.<div><br></div><div>Recently discovered the GIF function in Whatsapp and is now spamming his friends with cat GIFs. Likes espresso and burgers. Favourite Emoji: 🙈</div>

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Friendship Ender 🙄 Emoji Meaning: Why should you be annoyed if you receive this emoji?

Received an 🙄 Emoji? Prepare yourself for some roasting...

Scare-moji Spook your friends with our top 5 Halloween Emojis

Give your friends a trick or a treat with our top 5 Halloween emojis. Get ready to spook with the scariest emoji for Hallows Eve.

Bagel lovers rejoice Apple Bagel Emoji Fixed in iOS 12.1 Beta

Apple has responded to complaints regarding their previous bagel emoji design, releasing a new design in iOS 12.1 beta.

Unified Unicode All emojis are equal in Twitter emoji character count update

Twitter have made changes to emoji character counts in a brand new update.

Emoji News Michael Bublé New Album Named: It's the heart emoji

Canadian crooner Michael Bublés' next album will simply be called Love and uses a heart emoji

Emoji News Emoji plus 300 new words added to Scrabble Dictionary

Over 300 new words have been added into the Scrabble dictionary, including Emoji.

New Emoji Parachute Emoji set to land in future Unicode release

A parachute emoji is a strong contender for next years Unicode version 12 after being included in their draft candidate list.

Emojis News Unicode 11 emojis tested in new Android beta release

The latest Unicode 11 emojis are being tested in a beta build of Android.

Emojis News UK Supermarket chain allows food shopping via emoji

UK based supermarket Iceland is now letting customers buy their food shopping via emoji search.

Emojis News New petition calls for a Camembert emoji

A French cheese manufacturer has started a petition for a Camembert emoji - which has already received over 1,000 signatures.

Emojis News Early feedback released for emoji version 12.0 candidates

Two Unicode documents suggest divisive opinions about the new symbols to be introduced with emoji version 12.0.

Emojis News Lottery winner wears winking face emoji mask whilst collecting winnings

A Jamaican woman collected her Lottery winnings wearing a winking face emoji mask to protect her identity.

New Emoji Astro Cat emoji discovered: Exclusive to Windows 10

Emoji enthusiasts have discovered a brand new Astro Cat emoji that is exclusively available via Windows 10.

Emojis News Frisian flag emoji proposed for future emoji release

In a short document, a Frisian flag emoji is proposed to represent the Frisian language.

Emojis News Twitter account reveals Twitter's least used emojis

Twitter's least used emoji has been updated thanks to a Twitter bot account.

Emojis News Proposed Potted Plant Emoji would be ideal for gardeners

A potted plant emoji has been proposed to the Unicode Consortium, which could give plant lovers a new way to express their passion.

Emojis News GCHQ announces new book with cryptic emoji tweet

UK code-breaking agency GCHQ announced the launch of a new book via a cryptic emoji tweet.

Emojis News Apple's accessibility emojis added to draft emoji list for 2019

Emojis to represent deaf people and a service dog has been added to the emoji draft candidates list

New Emoji Feather Emoji proposed again: Shortlisted for 2020 emoji release

A feather emoji could see inclusion in the 2020 emoji release thanks to a successful proposal

Emojis News Rugby club chairman posts racist emoji in Whatsapp group

A rugby club chairman has been accused of using an emoji in a racist way while speaking on Whatsapp.